Go forth and revegetate…

Russell and Carol Yates have commenced a revegetation project on their property on the slopes of Two Tree Hill near Marburg. The property of 40 ha was originally part of the Rosewood Scrub and densely covered with dry rain forest but now has only sparse tree cover and has been heavily grazed over a long period.

With guidance and assistance from neighbour Bob Hampson, Russell has planted up a small area of rocky and eroded land in a corner of his property. Planting rows about 4 m apart were ripped and then sprayed twice with glyphosate at about 6 weekly intervals. A temporary fence using material already on the property was erected to exclude livestock until the trees are established. 200 trees of species indigenous to the Rosewood Scrub were purchased from Peter Bevan (Pete’s Hobby Nursery, Lowood) and planted about 2 m apart.

Russell and Carol received financial assistance for this project through the eTrees scheme. Information of this funding source can be obtained from Jean Bray of SEQ Catchments, Ipswich (3816 9722).


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