Black Snake Creek Festival Art Awards

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2009 Black Snake Creek Art Show and the festival itself. The show opening was well-attended on a cool spring night. Warrego Winery wines, delicious finger food, bright young waiters and cheerful attendees all made for a delightful evening.

The judge for the awards was from the Ipswich Art Gallery.

The judging criteria were:

· Technical skill, craftsmanship, composition and execution

· Content’s relevance to local community

· Originality and creativity

In a statement the judge said that her personal bias was that she comes from a design background so naturally tends towards bold/graphic stylings. She added that “Also, in the interests of township harmony, have opted to share the prizes around, rather than award them to prolific repeat offenders.”

The following prizes were awarded:


1st prize – Ethel Saxby – “Circular Saw”

2nd prize – Jane Hoffman – “Briscape”

3rd prize – Sharon Harper-Greentree – “Strelitzias”

Encouragement Award to Margaret Klumpp for “Portrait of Jamboree”

PORTRAITS – Human or Animal

1st prize – Helen Derry – “Paul”

2nd prize – Tanya Rees – “Rajel”

3rd prize – Beth Duncan – “Geisha with Parasol”

Special Commendation to Grace Gillespie-Nunn for “Kute Koala”


1st prize – Marjory Tate – “Pear Delight”

2nd prize – Hayden Roberts – “Purple Flower”

3rd prize – Merlyn Schrader – “Still Life”


Jenny Ostini – “3AM”

Start getting your entries ready for next year’s competition. See you there!


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