Talking about Mickey Birds

Most locals will be aware of noisy miners or mickey birds which invade their gardens often driving out other birds.  These common birds will be the topic of discussion at West Moreton Landcare’s February meeting.  Martine Maron will present an illustrated talk about these troublesome native birds and lead a discussion about them.

Martine is a landscape ecologist at The University of Queensland and a recent immigrant to Glamorgan Vale and is a member of West Moreton Landcare.  Originally a southerner (Melbourne), she finds that everywhere she goes in eastern Australia she is tormented by noisy miners, and so has retaliated by researching them, their habitat and how they affect other birds.  She has other research interests including how landscape change makes birds stress out and eventually disappear, and whether the conservation policies of government really stand up to ecological realities.

Noisy miners, or ‘mickey birds’, are one of the most important threatening processes affecting woodland birds in eastern Australia.  This is clear to anyone with a colony of these aggressive native honeyeaters in their yard, but the implications of this have not yet been incorporated into most restoration and conservation planning.  Martine will talk about how widespread the problem is, and how counter-intuitive some of the possible solutions are.  She is keen to provoke discussion on the controversial questions: Should we cull these birds?  Are they just “natural”?  And, should we learn to love Lantana?

Anybody who is interested in mickey birds is welcome to attend West Moreton Landcare’s  meeting on Thursday 10 February commencing at 7.00 pm.  The meeting is held at the Landcare office, 361 Rosewood-Marburg Road, Tallegalla (beside the cemetery)
More details:  Contact Bob Hampson 5464 4824


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