Coal Mining Exploration

Exploration permits for coal mining have recently filed with Queensland Mines & Energy for large areas of land around Marburg.  The attached map shows areas for which application has been made for EPCs (Exploration Permit – Coal).  These areas are lightly hatched on the map.

Applications for the two EPCs covering the area close to Marburg (EPC
and EPC 2374) can be seen by clicking on the links.

Our understanding is that these EPCs have not yet been granted.
However we understand that the process is further advanced in the Mt
Mort area where some landholders have received letters advising them
of the intention to enter their land for mining exploration purposes.

Information for landholders regarding land access is available on the
Queensland Mines and Energy website at

Although this is not a local government issue, we understand that Cr
Pahlke is coordinating some community action regarding this issue.

As this is a state government issue, we suggest that our local member
Wayne Wendt be contacted for more information (phone 3813 0074 or 1800
814 856)


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