A press release from Wayne Wendt, State MP for Ipswich West

Member for Ipswich West Wayne Wendt has requested that the Queensland
Mining Minister Stirling Hinchliffe organise for a senior departmental
officer to meet with the community and answer questions about mining
activity in the area.

Mr Wendt said that after being contacted by constituents about mining
exploration being carried out in the Marburg, Grandchester and Rosewood
areas this week, he had asked the Minister to organise the meeting as
soon as possible.

He said he wanted to make sure the community had their questions heard
and answered.

“What I’m fighting for is a balanced outcome for this community,” Mr
Wendt said.

“Mining has a 100-year history in this part of the world and I’ve been
told that there have not been any changes to legislation or regulations
that should alarm the community.

“But if people have questions, I want to see them answered.”

Mr Wendt said he had been reassured by the Minister that mining
exploration gave a company permission to explore only and not dig
minerals out of the ground.

He said there were also mineral development licences in the area which
been valid for up to 18 years and did not give a company permission to

“I’ve been reassured that if commercially viable deposits are found,
there is a strict and rigorous process that companies must go through
before they are granted permission to mine and that is by no-means
guaranteed,” he said.

“Environmental and social impacts are always considered and there is a
chance for public input.

“I’ve also been reassured that landholder protections are in place
preventing exploration near places like homes, dams, churches, schools
and permanent stockyards.

“There are strict requirements in place that make it necessary for
companies to work with landholders and gain conduct and compensation
before advanced exploration activities like drilling are carried out.”

Strategic Cropping Land protections are also currently being considered
by this Government which aims to protect the most valuable cropping land
in our state.


One thought on “A press release from Wayne Wendt, State MP for Ipswich West

  1. I can not believe that a company can enter your property to destroy it without gaining your permission first!
    I have lived in Marburg for over 10 years and it is the first I have heard of Coal mining in the area.
    I for one do not want to live near a Coal Mine.
    It amounts to environmental vandalism as it will kill the nice town that we have.
    Property values will be affected as you do not have the right to refuse your property being resumed.
    Maybe if it goes ahead all residents should be given shares in the profits or royalties to be adequately compensated for being evicted from there homes and town

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