Audrey’s Way

Audrey Kickbusch

You don’t automatically get a street named after you if you live in Marburg a long time, but doing so increases your chances. Longtime Marburg resident, Audrey Kickbusch was pleasantly surprised on July 24th when what she thought was going to be a family get-together turned into an official walkway naming ceremony. Councillor David Pahlke and State Representative Wayne Wendt turned up along with a selection of Marburg residents to surprise Audrey with the sign and with a certificate of “ownership.” Representatives of the Marburg and Districts Residents’ Association, the Rosewood Scrub Historical Society, the Show Society, family and friends were all in attendance. The ceremony was followed by a late lunch in the MDRA hall.

Audrey was surprised and thrilled by the honour, especially as she had said that such a thing “wouldn’t happen in my lifetime.” The Marburg residents are pleased that Audrey will have a chance to enjoy her walkway in this lifetime and wish her many happy years of using “Audreys Way.”


Audrey Kickbush, Wayne Wendt, David PahlkeAudrey explaining to David Pahlke (right) and Wayne Wendt (left) exactly how she would like the sign attached to the post.

* Audreys Way is a walkway joining Main Street and Moriarty Lane in Marburg. Audrey has long campaigned for a proper walkway barred to through traffic.


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