Marburg Residents’ Meeting

Marburg and Districts Residents’ Association will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday 5th March at 7pm.

As usual the meeting will be at the community hall at the corners of Edmond and Queen Streets, Marburg. All are welcome.


One thought on “Marburg Residents’ Meeting

  1. these meetings are always good to talk about things that are affecting residents of the community, to hopefully look into new ideas as to how to stop marburg from being and turning into a small Rosewood.
    It’s time somebody stood up, and said things how they are, here in the one time winner of most friendly town award, back in 2008, HOW are you as a town going to step up now and win the same award, for this year? it’s time that this small town, accepted the reliatiy of how it is, as opposed to how the town wishes others to view it…………….sadly i am dissapointed in my community and those who condone and allow the verbal abuse of their house guests to yell, threaten and worse give me and mine a time limit to leave…………well sweet pea………all I can say to you…………….is GO AND LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD

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