Calling all Black Snake Creek Festival Volunteers

You’ve read it,  “Without Trucks Australia stops.”  Stand beside the Warrego Highway for long enough, and you’ll be convinced.

With no disrespect to the trucking industry, try substituting “volunteers” for “trucks”.  Doesn’t rhyme, but it’s a no brainer.

Could be better phrased of course, but the fact remains that our society can’t do without volunteers.

How ’bout  – THREE CHEERS FOR VOLUNTEERS!  Think of a better one?

With that in mind, the Marburg and District Residents Association invites all who volunteered to help out with the Black Snake Creek Festival to attend the Volunteers’ Festival Debriefing Meeting on Tuesday evening 21st October at 6:30pm  in the Marburg Community Centre.

Pizza and finger food will be provided so no need for a meal before coming to the meeting.


Please RSVP to Kaylene on 0418 750 387 or Greg 0428 328 930.


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