West Moreton Landcare goes to Canberra

This year is the 25th anniversary of the formation of Landcare. This milestone was recognised in the Australian Parliament recently.

Shayne Neumann, member for Blair and member of West Moreton Landcare, in a debate in the House of Representatives on Monday 2 June regarding a motion noting this anniversary, acknowledged the achievements of Landcare and condemned the ‘slashing’ of funding from Landcare’s budget. He also made the following complementary statements about our local Group:

The West Moreton Landcare Group in my electorate of Blair is to be congratulated. It is an active group of more than 50 members. I note that, on Australia Day this year, City of Ipswich medallions were awarded to a number of Landcare members, including the President of West Moreton Landcare, Bob Hampson; the immediate past secretary, Beryl Wallace; former treasurer, Margaret Witherspoon; and Arnold Rieck, who was a founder of West Moreton Landcare and has been a member since it was established. I congratulate that particular organisation because they work closely with South-East Queensland Catchments in the city of Ipswich. In May last year they were awarded $39,600 for the Black Snake Creek catchment projects, which are in a particularly difficult area in the rural parts of Ipswich, around Marburg, with high salinity affecting Marburg and the surrounding agricultural regions.

Shayne went on to criticise the cut in funding to Landcare which he said would impact on volunteer and community organisations around the country.

Shayne’s input to the debate can be viewed at: http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/search/display/display.w3p;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fa65ad565-3e46-4334-aebc-4d070cfdbbc4%2F0236%22

The full debate is recorded on pp. 137–142 of Hansard 2 June 2014: http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/download/chamber/hansardr/a65ad565-3e46-4334-aebc-4d070cfdbbc4/toc_pdf/House%20of%20Representatives_2014_06_02_2494.pdf;fileType=application%2Fpdf#search=%22chamber/hansardr/a65ad565-3e46-4334-aebc-4d070cfdbbc4/0236%22


Black Snake Creek Catchment Consultation

Ipswich City Council has been working with community representatives to address community concerns regarding water related issues in the Black Snake Creek catchment such as flooding, rising of salinity levels and declining water quality.  A team of expert consultants has now developed a draft Upper Black Snake Creek Improvement Plan.  Council is seeking input from community members on this draft.

A brief summary of the plan and the full plan are available on the Ipswich Council website at http://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_ipswich/environment/catchments_waterways/black_snake_creek/index.php

Please take the time to read the summary and if this arouses your interest, browse the full plan and provide feedback to Council.

Black Snake Creek Survey

If you are a Marburg resident and interested in Black Snake Creek, environmental issues or just have some ideas about the future of Marburg, you are invited to take part in a survey at the following link:


Please feel free to circulate the link to anyone you think may be interested.

Please also note that you will be required to provide your contact details to complete the survey.

The Community Link

The Marburg and District Residents’ Association publishes an intermittent newsletter that is delivered to mailboxes in Marburg. The electronic file for the March 2012 edition may be accessed here: MRA_issue 9 (1.2 MB pdf document).

Contents include:

  • 2012 Black Snake Creek Festival planning
  • Details of the Marburg Youth and Young Adults Award Scheme
  • Water quality and salinity issues for the Black Snake Creek
  • Band in the Park
  • Details of upcoming Marburg events

Black Snake Creek Water Quality Issues

In 2003 Ipswich City Council proposed a stables residential development for an area of about 160 ha adjoining Marburg town on the east, south and west.  Several public meetings were held, Council agreed that their proposal was flawed, other priorities overtook the proposal and it was put aside for the time being.  The area involved was subsequently zoned ‘Stables Residential Investigation Zone’.

Council revisited the proposal in 2009.  On behalf of the Marburg and District Residents’ Association, Bob Hampson prepared a ‘Horse Issues’ paper which identified, amongst other things, the salinity of the ground and surface water, the closeness of the groundwater to the surface, probable biological contamination and high levels of sediment in the surface water.  Two meetings were held to discuss these issues and at the October 2009 meeting, it was agreed that Ipswich City Council be asked to investigate water quality issues of Black Snake Creek more thoroughly.

Council subsequently engaged consultants who submitted their report (Black Snake Creek Waterway Health and Water Quality Assessment – Stage 1 Report) in September 2011.  This was presented to Council in January 2012.  Council will now form an advisory panel ‘to inform and support the development of a Management Action Plan for Black Snake Creek’.

The essence of the report is provided in the RPS Stage 1 Report Summary (1.2 MB).  The full Report (21.3 MB) is also available.

Bob Hampson (5464 4824) is happy to assist with any questions relating to this important issue.

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