Marburg Seniors’ Day

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Marburg Community Park

9.30 – 1.30

Entry is free.

Live entertainment (comedian!), information stalls, Tai Chi.

Free morning tea and lunch. Lunch will be served by students from Marburg State School.


Historical events

On Sunday 16 May the Rosewood Scrub Historical Society will have a special ‘Open Day’ to celebrate Heritage Week. The hall, in Edmond Street in Marburg, will be open from 10am till 4 pm. Everybody is welcome. Morning and afternoon tea will be offered.

The Heritage Faire to celebrate Heritage Week which is part of Brisbane’s Living Heritage Network, will be also be held on Sunday 16 May in Woodlands of Marburg, from 10am till 3 pm. The Rosewood Scrub Historical Society will, amongst many others, have a stall on this fair.

Take a look at the Rosewood Scrub Historical Society’s website or pop into either of these locations to catch up on local history.

A historical joke

In 1922 local GP Euchariste Sirois symbolically buried “Karl” on the range crossing to protest government inaction on road improvements. A stone was erected to highlight the plight of those using the road and Sirois wrote many letters to government and media pleading for the road to be fixed.

On 2 November 2008, Councillor David Pahlke, patron of the Rosewood Scrub Historical Society (RSHS) officially and with great good humour unveiled a stone and plaque to commemorate “Karl’s Joke.”

The stone had been preserved on the Zabel property and was donated to the historical society by Norm Zabel who assisted David with the unveiling.

The Rosewood and Districts Community Bank and the Ipswich City Council contributed funds to install this important historical monument outside the RSHS building on Edmond Street, Marburg.