West Moreton Landcare goes to Canberra

This year is the 25th anniversary of the formation of Landcare. This milestone was recognised in the Australian Parliament recently.

Shayne Neumann, member for Blair and member of West Moreton Landcare, in a debate in the House of Representatives on Monday 2 June regarding a motion noting this anniversary, acknowledged the achievements of Landcare and condemned the ‘slashing’ of funding from Landcare’s budget. He also made the following complementary statements about our local Group:

The West Moreton Landcare Group in my electorate of Blair is to be congratulated. It is an active group of more than 50 members. I note that, on Australia Day this year, City of Ipswich medallions were awarded to a number of Landcare members, including the President of West Moreton Landcare, Bob Hampson; the immediate past secretary, Beryl Wallace; former treasurer, Margaret Witherspoon; and Arnold Rieck, who was a founder of West Moreton Landcare and has been a member since it was established. I congratulate that particular organisation because they work closely with South-East Queensland Catchments in the city of Ipswich. In May last year they were awarded $39,600 for the Black Snake Creek catchment projects, which are in a particularly difficult area in the rural parts of Ipswich, around Marburg, with high salinity affecting Marburg and the surrounding agricultural regions.

Shayne went on to criticise the cut in funding to Landcare which he said would impact on volunteer and community organisations around the country.

Shayne’s input to the debate can be viewed at: http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/search/display/display.w3p;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fa65ad565-3e46-4334-aebc-4d070cfdbbc4%2F0236%22

The full debate is recorded on pp. 137–142 of Hansard 2 June 2014: http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/download/chamber/hansardr/a65ad565-3e46-4334-aebc-4d070cfdbbc4/toc_pdf/House%20of%20Representatives_2014_06_02_2494.pdf;fileType=application%2Fpdf#search=%22chamber/hansardr/a65ad565-3e46-4334-aebc-4d070cfdbbc4/0236%22


Marburg on ABC Local Radio

You may have noticed a new tab appearing at the top of this page. Marburg is now represented on ABC Local Radio (612 ABC) by Jenny Ostini as a Community Correspondent. After stories are aired, they will be added to this page. Please check in regularly to hear stories about your community.

And feel free to let Jenny know on 0407 551 602 if you have any ideas for great stories about our town and area.

Be part of the gang

Update: View The Brisbane Gang Show Flash Mob in Queen Street Mall.

The Ipswich Advertiser recently reported that: “Seven of Ipswich’s brightest stars will showcase their talent in July for the 60th season of The Brisbane Gang Show.” One of those seven is Marburg’s Isabella Ostini. Isabella is a member of the Rosewood Scout Group and went with them on an excursion last year to The Gang Show. She enjoyed it so much that she tried out for it in 2011 and was successful in gaining a place.

The Gang Show is a live theatre experience with music, dancing, sketches and fabulous costumes. All of the cast members are scouts and guides from SE Queensland who are 10 to 26 years old. All of the cast, stage crew and support personnel are enthusiastic volunteers but it is a wildly successful professional production that offers a life-changing experience for participants.

Shows will be at the Schonnell Theatre, University of Queensland, St. Lucia from Friday 1 July to Saturday 9 July. Tickets cost $22 for adults, $20 for concession and $18 for children under the age of 18. There are matinees as well as evening perfomrances. For details and to book your tickets, visit www.brisbanegangshow.com.au or phone the booking line on 3871 0338 from 9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

The Rosewood Scout group meets at the Rosewood Scout Den, Arthur Street, Rosewood Tuesdays 6.30-8pm for Cub Scouts and Thursdays 6.30-8.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

An alternative view on the mining meeting

A letter to the editor of the Queensland Times from Ursula Monsiegneur, Greens Candidate for Ipswich West

QT p22 4/6/2011- ‘Wayne Wendt pledges to stop mining’- WHEN? I was at the meeting in Rosewood on Wednesday 1/June/ 2011 and the extent of Wayne’s involvement was organizing a DEEDI and a DERM rep to give mind-numbing ‘information’ in the form of powerpoint, explaining the hoops a mining company has to go through to get an Exploration Permit for Coal (EPC), a Mining Development License (MDL) and eventual Mining License (ML). Wayne had organized a petition that stated he wanted to change the laws to make the companies more open and consultative, so that they had to notify land holders before EPCs and MDLs were approved. There was nothing in the petition indicating he wanted it stopped. Neither the Government Representatives, nor Wayne Wendt, could elucidate on what the company actually had planned for the area. The DEEDI rep stated that this application was not about coal seam gas mining and that it was highly unlikely that coal mining would be approved. Why would a company spend 45 million dollars, to take out an EPC and an MDL? Surely not just to dig holes in a few paddocks? Wayne Wendt does not have the intention, or ability to, change his parties policies on either coal or coal seam gas. We might feel, or are told, we are a ‘special case’ because these mines are close to residential developments. But, the people at Tara, and Acland, and many other places in Australia were not consulted and are now host to mining companies destroying their properties. And don’t bother going off to the Liberal Party to ‘voice your concerns’ they support the Labor Parties policies on mining. The only party not accepting donations from the developers and mining companies, and with a clear stand against new coal mines and coal seam gas, is the Greens.

* Ms Monsiegneur sent a copy of her letter to the QT to the Marburg and Districts Residents’ Association. It is posted here as an alternative viewpoint on the mining discussion. All opinions expressed in it are Ms Monsiegneur’s own and not those of the MDRA.

Residents turn out to discuss mining

Residents of Rosewood, Marburg, Tallegalla, Grandchester and surrounding areas gathered on the chilly first night of winter to discuss proposed mining in the local areas. Residents were concerned by Mining Development Leases (MDL) granted on properties southwest of Rosewood and Exploration Permits Coal (EPC) applied for in the Marburg and Tallegalla areas. Over 200 people answered Ipswich West Representative Wayne Wendt’s invitation to meet with Queensland government officials to discuss the matter.

Speakers at the meeting were State Representative Wayne Wendt, and departmental officers Gerry McKie and Lindsay Delzoppo. Gerry McKie is the Manager, Tenures Administration , Mining and Petroleum Operations, Southern Region, Mines for the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. In real terms, this means that he has oversight of the administration of mining leases in this area. Lindsay Delzoppo spoke on behalf of the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM formerly the EPA) on environmental regulation of mining. Councillor David Pahlke also spoke. Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss attended but did not speak.

Of most interest to people was the question time. A number of members of Lock the Gates attended and tried to focus attention on coal seam gas issues. However, most people wanted to talk about local mining which is open-cut mining.

The most important issues for locals were:

  • That people don’t want mining in West Ipswich because it is a rural residential and grazing area.
  • People moved here for the lifestyle and value the “treechange.” They don’t want compensation – they want their land.
  • People moved here to bring up their children in a clean, natural environment.
  • The effect of mining on groundwater – key especially for farmers and graziers.
  • The effect of current mining on air quality (and related issues with asthma), noise pollution, light pollution with night mining and coal transport through town.

David Pahlke received a resounding ovation for his declaration that what is above the ground is as important as what is below the ground.

Many attendees signed a resolution put forward by Wayne Wendt that calls for a review of the way in which exploration permits for mining are executed. The general feeling was that a stronger petition is needed calling for a declaration of this area a “no go” area for mining given that it is a population growth corridor for SE Queensland.

Wayne Wendt plans to arrange a further meeting between residents and representatives of the mining companies involved. He may be contacted at: ipswich.west@parliament.qld.com.au or by telephone on: (07) 3813 0074   OR 1800 814 856.

Community meeting on coal mining exploration permits

A community meeting will be held at the RSL Hall, Mill Street, Rosewood on Wednesday, 1st June 2011 at 6.30pm.

This meeting has been arranged by Wayne Wendt, State Member for Ipswich West with departmental representatives who will be able to provide information about exploration applications and permits, and to answer any questions that residents may have.

Please confirm your attendence by contacting Wayne’s office on 3813 0074 or by email: ipswich.west@parliament.qld.gov.au

Talking about Mickey Birds

Most locals will be aware of noisy miners or mickey birds which invade their gardens often driving out other birds.  These common birds will be the topic of discussion at West Moreton Landcare’s February meeting.  Martine Maron will present an illustrated talk about these troublesome native birds and lead a discussion about them.

Martine is a landscape ecologist at The University of Queensland and a recent immigrant to Glamorgan Vale and is a member of West Moreton Landcare.  Originally a southerner (Melbourne), she finds that everywhere she goes in eastern Australia she is tormented by noisy miners, and so has retaliated by researching them, their habitat and how they affect other birds.  She has other research interests including how landscape change makes birds stress out and eventually disappear, and whether the conservation policies of government really stand up to ecological realities.

Noisy miners, or ‘mickey birds’, are one of the most important threatening processes affecting woodland birds in eastern Australia.  This is clear to anyone with a colony of these aggressive native honeyeaters in their yard, but the implications of this have not yet been incorporated into most restoration and conservation planning.  Martine will talk about how widespread the problem is, and how counter-intuitive some of the possible solutions are.  She is keen to provoke discussion on the controversial questions: Should we cull these birds?  Are they just “natural”?  And, should we learn to love Lantana?

Anybody who is interested in mickey birds is welcome to attend West Moreton Landcare’s  meeting on Thursday 10 February commencing at 7.00 pm.  The meeting is held at the Landcare office, 361 Rosewood-Marburg Road, Tallegalla (beside the cemetery)
More details:  Contact Bob Hampson 5464 4824