Black Snake Creek Water Quality Issues

In 2003 Ipswich City Council proposed a stables residential development for an area of about 160 ha adjoining Marburg town on the east, south and west.  Several public meetings were held, Council agreed that their proposal was flawed, other priorities overtook the proposal and it was put aside for the time being.  The area involved was subsequently zoned ‘Stables Residential Investigation Zone’.

Council revisited the proposal in 2009.  On behalf of the Marburg and District Residents’ Association, Bob Hampson prepared a ‘Horse Issues’ paper which identified, amongst other things, the salinity of the ground and surface water, the closeness of the groundwater to the surface, probable biological contamination and high levels of sediment in the surface water.  Two meetings were held to discuss these issues and at the October 2009 meeting, it was agreed that Ipswich City Council be asked to investigate water quality issues of Black Snake Creek more thoroughly.

Council subsequently engaged consultants who submitted their report (Black Snake Creek Waterway Health and Water Quality Assessment – Stage 1 Report) in September 2011.  This was presented to Council in January 2012.  Council will now form an advisory panel ‘to inform and support the development of a Management Action Plan for Black Snake Creek’.

The essence of the report is provided in the RPS Stage 1 Report Summary (1.2 MB).  The full Report (21.3 MB) is also available.

Bob Hampson (5464 4824) is happy to assist with any questions relating to this important issue.


Hendra Virus Seminars

Anstead Veterinary Practice, in association with Biosecurity Qld (DPI), DERM, Workplace Health and Safety, Qld Horse Council and Qld Health, is conducting HENDRA VIRUS SEMINARS. Details are as follows:

Monday 18 July 6:30-8:30pm, Marburg Show Hall, Marburg Showgrounds, Queen Street, Marburg.

Tuesday 19 July 6:30-8:30pm, Moggill School Hall, Moggill State School, Moggill Rd, Moggill.


Contact: Kirani Heeremans

Anstead Veterinary Practice

540 Mt Crosby Rd

Anstead QLD 4070

Ph 07 3202 7300 Fax 07 3202 8387

Come to the Show!

The Marburg Show is on this weekend from 8.30am to 10pm. Come to see the exhibits, enjoy some food, watch events and spend time with friends.

Events start with mini trotting at 8.30am and run all day through the grand parade of cattle and horses (1.30pm) roll over cars at 4pm and 8.15pm and conclude at 8.45pm with fireworks. There will be a bar and music until 10pm.

Admission is $10 or adults, pensioner and students $7 and children under 10 free (must be accompanied by an adult).

Enquiries: Mal Sprenger 5464 4457 or mobile: 0412 186 689.

Horse precinct

Ipswich City Council have recommenced community consultations regarding establishing a stables residential zoning adjacent to the residential area of Marburg township. A summary of action to date can be found on the Marburg community website.

This is a very important issue for the future of Marburg. The outcomes of this decision will determine the development of our town and its character and will impact upon our lifestyles. Please take a look at the information on the website and think about what it means for Marburg.

We will continue to report on progress on this issue.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the issue, please contact Bob Hampson on (07) 5464 4824 or Barry Gratton (07) 5463 3624.