Black Snake Creek Festival Planning 2013

Our first meeting held on Wednesday 20th was an encouraging start with nine people attending and several others interested but unable to be there. Notes from last year’s festival review were distributed and discussed.

One of the main concerns raised was the clash of timing of the poet’s breakfast and the street parade; also the fact that those setting up or on stalls could not be there.  Ideas put forward include holding the poet’s breakfast on a separate day, perhaps the week before. Other thoughts are to change the timing of activities, including the street parade but remain on the one day.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to yet overcome is filling the position of festival co-ordinator. We do however have someone willing to assist this person so the role would be a shared one. Interest has also been shown in some of the activity co-ordinator positions. As always extra helping hands on the day, in preparation, setting up and the inevitable clean-up are also needed – please let us know if you will be available. Early indication encourages everyone else!

Remember this has become a much loved local festival for the people of Marburg and beyond. It provides an opportunity to showcase our local talent and encourages the school students to link with the community and in doing so builds community pride. Funds raised are put back into the town and given to the townspeople through the activities of the Resident’s Association. Please talk to your family, friends and neighbours and encourage them to participate in some way, the results may surprise us all.

Future meeting dates have been set for the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.       (April 16, May 21, June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17)

A final issue for now and a challenge to all. What will be this year’s festival theme? As part of the 100 year celebration of the community centre building the 2012 festival had a heritage theme. All ideas for both theme and activities you would like to include this year will be greatly appreciated.

For now Greg remains as contact person for the festival. So jot down your thoughts and pass them on, (Ph 5464-4309 / 0428-328-930). Better yet come along to the next meeting on April 16th, 7:00pm at the community centre.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Marburg Residents’ Meeting

Marburg and Districts Residents’ Association will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday 5th March at 7pm.

As usual the meeting will be at the community hall at the corners of Edmond and Queen Streets, Marburg. All are welcome.

Black Snake Creek Water Quality Issues

In 2003 Ipswich City Council proposed a stables residential development for an area of about 160 ha adjoining Marburg town on the east, south and west.  Several public meetings were held, Council agreed that their proposal was flawed, other priorities overtook the proposal and it was put aside for the time being.  The area involved was subsequently zoned ‘Stables Residential Investigation Zone’.

Council revisited the proposal in 2009.  On behalf of the Marburg and District Residents’ Association, Bob Hampson prepared a ‘Horse Issues’ paper which identified, amongst other things, the salinity of the ground and surface water, the closeness of the groundwater to the surface, probable biological contamination and high levels of sediment in the surface water.  Two meetings were held to discuss these issues and at the October 2009 meeting, it was agreed that Ipswich City Council be asked to investigate water quality issues of Black Snake Creek more thoroughly.

Council subsequently engaged consultants who submitted their report (Black Snake Creek Waterway Health and Water Quality Assessment – Stage 1 Report) in September 2011.  This was presented to Council in January 2012.  Council will now form an advisory panel ‘to inform and support the development of a Management Action Plan for Black Snake Creek’.

The essence of the report is provided in the RPS Stage 1 Report Summary (1.2 MB).  The full Report (21.3 MB) is also available.

Bob Hampson (5464 4824) is happy to assist with any questions relating to this important issue.